Implementation of an electronic document management system in the Rubezhansk City Council

soft Xpansion presented an electronic document management system in Rubizhanskiy Miskiy Radio

  • The specialties of the soft Xpansion company presented the sX-Space.Government electronic document management system to the spy workers of the Rubizhansk city for the sake of the results, since the results were put into operation in the industrial-long term. 
  • The project was implemented within the framework of the programs “Democratic Vryduvannya in Ukraine” (DG-East) for the financial support of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). 
  • The presentation is assigned to the results of the implementation of the system and the creation of special events, the main changes in the SED victorian, the review of the functionality of the system and further development plans. 
  • Within the framework of the project, the sX-Space system was adapted.

From the current day, the project has entered a new phase – the phase of practical vicariousness. We are from the radio of the Vitamo colleagues and partners with a great way. At the same time, one crock for the development of the state’s digitalization. I am writing, well, it’s all at once from you!