In Ukraine, for four years, the Unified System of Local Petitions has been operating

12,385 petitions. 326 147 users who gave 1 104 112 signatures. 153 bodies of local self-government in all 24 regions of Ukraine! These are only the quantitative results of two years of work of one of the most powerful and popular tools of e-democracy, which works at the regional level. In fact, there are many changes that have taken place in communities, towns and villages behind these figures.

The only system of local petitions was developed by soft Xpansion within the framework of the EGAP program funded by the Swiss Confederation and implemented by the Eastern Europe Foundation and InnovaBridge Foundation in partnership with the State Agency for E-Governance.

The purpose of the system is to assist local authorities by providing them with a ready-made technical solution and a package of draft local legal acts to ensure compliance with the requirements of the Law of Ukraine No. 577-VIII on electronic petition. The system, which meets all the requirements of the Law, ensures a single high level of quality of servicing of citizens by local authorities in relation to the filing of electronic petitions. The program partners have also developed the appropriate regulatory framework to determine the requirements for electronic identification of citizens, collection of signatures and for information collected about a person, etc.

The introduction of a quality unified system helps cities to save money that they have to provide to create such a system on their own and direct them to solving the most pressing problems for local communities.

The main topics of petition submitted for two years are the city’s improvement and construction, transport and roads. These areas account for 65% of the total number of applications submitted.

The city of Chernihiv is the leader among the oblast centers for involving citizens in voting and petition. In Chernivtsi, every fourth petition obtains the decision of the city council, to which the author of the petition is invited, and its implementation is put to the control in the relevant department.

Petitions at the local level are the most simple and flexible tool of e-democracy. The local community has the ability to independently determine the terms of operation of the instrument.

The soft Xpansion team is currently working on updating the system. In particular, on the simplification of the procedure for secure authentication.