Participation in the conference “ICT to support reforms and decentralization in Ukraine”

The conference “ICTs to Support Reforms and Decentralization in Ukraine” was held in Lviv as part of the project “Supporting the Development of Electronic Governance in Ukraine” with the support of the Swedish Government represented by the Swedish International Cooperation and Development Agency (SIDA), the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and an Estonian non-governmental organizations, “Academy of Electronic Governance”. The conference was attended by representatives of government agencies and local governments, donor organizations, experts in the field of electronic government.

One of the main directions of the conference was the dissemination of best practices and results obtained in joint Swedish-Estonian projects in Ukraine.

So the soft Xpansion company together with the Lviv City Council presented the practical results of the project on the implementation of an electronic document management system. As part of the joint presentation, the conference participants were shown the functionality of document flow automation and the Center for the provision of administrative services, the implementation methodology was presented, which made it possible to develop and implement the system in a short time.

Separately, representatives of soft Xpansion and the Lviv City Council drew attention to the fact that the implemented system goes beyond the usual ETS, and on the basis of a single platform automates a number of institution management functions: conducting personal reception of citizens by officials, scheduling events and reserving necessary resources, maintaining personnel records … This makes the implemented system more convenient to use, administer and integrate new modern IT services to it.

Recording of the speeches of the conference participants located on the Youtube channel