soft Xpansion official partners of the K2 company

soft Xpansion has become an official partner of the company SourceCode Inc. with the status Value Added Reseller (VAR).

This status allows to develop and to implement solutions based on the platform K2 blackpearl. Also this partnership gives possibility to provide consulting services and to deliver K2 product licenses to the end Customers.

Mr. Eduard Prodyedovych, Chief Executive Officer, remarks: “At this moment, our company is well-experienced in developing document management systems/ECM products, electronic archives, portal solutions on the platforms Alfresco, EMC Documentum and Microsoft SharePoint. Gaining of the K2 partner status means the practical realization of company’s development strategy focused on extending the range of services and products offered by the company. On this way, we can provide for our Customers high quality and price competitive systems and services for successfully solving their business goals.”

In his turn, Gennadiy Wilgelmi, Technical Director, says that the company’s specialists in ECM sector have a great experience in successful implementing and supporting of the projects based on K2 blackpearl. As real evidence of the high competence level our specialists have successfully passed necessary qualification examinations and gained the appropriate certificates. For our Customers, this fact is an additional guaranty of the high quality of the proposed solutions and services.

Today К2 blackpearl is one of the most functional BMP product for the Microsoft SharePoint platform, that gives a flexible and powerful tools for building the high load distributed systems. The visual designing tools for the processes and parts of the user interface allows in a short time to develop and to implement the process-oriented systems, to expand the existent functionality and to make changes to the working solutions in accordance with the rapidly changing business needs of the Customers. Combined with the powerful portal possibilities of the SharePoint platform, the solutions based on K2 cover a wide spectrum of the automation tasks. They are used for developing the internal and external portals, project management systems, business processes automation and for creating the CRM products and archives. K2 has powerful integration possibilities and can perform the service bus role for merging separate systems to the Integrated information environment.

Over 1.5 million of users in 84 countries and about 30 % of companies from the list of Fortune 100 use K2 software for solving their business tasks.

soft Xpansion is the high experienced Company in developing and implementing of document management systems/ECM products, electronic archive systems and portal solutions on the platforms Alfresco, EMC Documentum and Microsoft SharePoint. Company offers its services to government sector, bank sector, enterprise sector, business and as outsourcing services in Ukraine and foreign countries.