Supervisory Board Portal: Strategic Management Body Automation System

How to ensure effective consideration and adoption of strategic decisions on the development and management of a company, a group of companies or a bank? How to provide transparency of consideration and timely decision-making?  Supervisory Board Portal | sX-Space.Board is a modern solution developed by soft Xpansion, which gives answers for above-mentioned questions.

The system automates planning, preparation and conduction of meetings and registration of written decisions. At the same time, the voting subsystem ensures the expression of the will of the members of the Supervisory Board, including digital signature application.

Supervisory Board Portal is offered to clients based on Microsoft SharePoint or free Alfresco Community Edition.

Alfresco Community Edition usage for solutions development gives opportunity to adjust an information system on completely free server products set (operating system, database, application server, development tools), which provides low cost of ownership and low overheads when connecting new users.

Opportunities and advantages:

  • Application procedure automation: considered issue, brief explanation, decision draft provision
  • Board’s work schedule planning and visualization: written decisions schedule, meetings conduction
  • Agenda formation, its approval by members of the Board, possibility of making proposals
  • Applications and meetings approval routs adjustment
  • Adjustment of messages/reminders for Board members about necessity of making certain decisions or approaching events
  • Voting subsystem “For”, “Against”, “Abstained”, support of digital signature and various algorithms for determining the voting results
  • Voting results determination, recording of decisions made on each of issues put to vote
  • Formation of a protocol of Board meeting, informing executors about the decisions made, automating orders, monitoring a state of their implementation
  • Full “thin client”: only Internet browser is required for the work with the system
  • Adaptive work design on mobile devices and tablets

The decision may be adapted to any other collegial body: board, directorate, profile committee, etc.