Supervisory Board Portal | sX-Space.Board for Piraeus Bank

soft Xpansion successfully continues to develop technological solutions for its customers. This time it completed the implementation of Supervisory Board Portal | sX-Space.Board for Piraeus Bank, part of the International Piraeus Bank Group. 

From now on, all 12 corporate boards, including the Supervisory Board, the Management Board and a number of committees, work exclusively with electronic documents. 

Advantages of the Supervisory Board Portal | sX-Space.Board functionality for Piraeus Bank include: 

  • Automated procedure for submitting applications for consideration: the proposed issue, a brief explanation, a draft solution 
  • Planning and visualization of the corporate board work schedule: schedule of written decisions, meetings 
  • Formation of the agenda, approval thereof, option for proposals 
  • Setting up application and meeting approval routes 
  • Setting up notifications/reminders to corporate board members about the need to make certain decisions or approaching events 
  • “For”, “Against”, “Abstained” voting subsystem, support for various algorithms for determining voting results and digital signature 
  • Determining the results of voting, recording the decisions taken on each issue 
  • Formation of the meeting minutes, bringing decisions to the attention of performers, automation of orders, monitoring the implementation status 
  • Adaptive design for mobile devices and tablets 

The Supervisory Board Portal system is implemented as a full-fledged “thin client” that provides users with the ability to work through a web browser in any place having an internet connection. Such solutions from soft Xpansion meet the urgent demands of the times and provide the opportunity to work remotely, which is especially important during a pandemic. 

It took less than six months to implement the soft Xpansion project, so the Supervisory Board Portal is already in commercial operation. “The next step is further functional development in accordance with the demands of the times and introduction of new systems!», said Eduard Prodiedovych, soft Xpansion Ukraine CEO. 

Learn more about the Supervisory Board Portal solution following the link.