Systems of electronic document management for chotiryh state institutions of Ukraine

The soft Xpansion company has completed work on the development and implementation of an electronic document management system for the Lviv City Council, Ivano-Frankivsk Regional State Administration, city councils of Ivano-Frankivsk and Kalush.

A feature of the system is the automation of various functions of the organization’s activities: document flow, interaction with citizens, management, etc. This, on the one hand, significantly improves the work of employees of institutions in terms of the organizational component, and on the other hand, reduces the financial and time costs for processing documents.

The implemented system provides transparent, controlled and controlled execution of automated processes of input and output documents of internal correspondence, organizational and administrative documents, processing citizens’ requests, forming an electronic archive of documents, maintaining personnel and personnel documentation.

Also, the system has implemented the functionality of the Center for the Provision of Administrative Services (CPAU). It is designed to automate actions to receive applications for the provision of administrative services, process them and issue final documents.

To improve the usability and the overall effect of using the system, additional management functions have been developed, which today include:

Personal reception of citizens by officials: allows you to plan the reception of citizens, track the history of applications, impose resolutions and monitor the implementation of instructions;
Events calendar: a function to support the planning of events and the booking of various organizational resources for these purposes (premises, equipment, etc.).

“The system allows us to process all types of documents from creation to archiving and we are already actively using it. All our employees received their electronic accounts. Therefore, it increased the transparency and speed of document processing, created a unified information environment for the city council. Since the system is new and has been used not so long ago, we are constantly working on its development and improvement and plans have already been developed for integration with other information systems and electronic services, ”said Andrey Moskalenko, Deputy Mayor for Development (Lvov).

The work was carried out within the framework of the international project “Support for e-government in Ukraine” with financial assistance from the Swedish government represented by the Swedish Agency for International Cooperation and Development “Sida” with the participation of the Estonian non-governmental organization “Academy of Electronic Governance”.

“We are glad to cooperate with soft Xpansion. The first Ukrainian municipalities received reliable IT solutions, which makes the functioning of city authorities more efficient and transparent and reduces the risk of corruption. ” Hannes Astok, Deputy Director of the Electronic Governance Academy (Estonia).

Eduard Prodedovich, CEO of soft Xpansion said: “We are very pleased that we took part in this project and were able to be useful on the country’s path towards e-governance and transparency. Thanks to the well-coordinated work of the project teams, we were able to develop the basic functionality of the system within a limited time frame and launch into commercial operation. Many of the functionality was developed outside of the project. These were very helpful advice and requirements from the customers. We hope that the developed system will be a reliable assistant in the work of institutions and will add transparency and additional convenience for city residents. “