Updated version of the “sx-Space.Business” Electronic Document Management System

In its own development – an sx-Space.Business electronic document management system, developed on the Alfresco Community Edition platform – soft Xpansion updated one of the system modules – “Treaties Handling”. The module allows you to automate the processing of contracts, so it is very relevant to simplifying the work of companies.

To date, the module includes the following steps: Creation of a draft agreement, Agreement, Finalization, Fixing the result of signing, Sending contract to the counterparty, Fixing the receipt of the original contract, Fixing storage information, Establishing a contract for control, Withdrawal of control, Archiving of the document.

The updated version of the module contains additional features that greatly simplify and improve the work with the contracts:

  • Ability to create a contract according to the template
  • Work in the system with the contract received from the counterparty
  • Collaborate with the contract
  • Possibility to choose the routes for agreement negotiation and the creation of routes in the design coordinator
  • Mobile devices support, including EDS
  • Working with a contract using messengers (Telegram, Viber)
  • Controlling the contract, the possibility of setting up automatic messages regarding decisions on the extension of the contract duration

That is, the update can significantly reduce time and simplify work with contracts, improve employee efficiency, ensure the security and reliability of information storage, as well as delimit the access rights to documents.

Recall that the Document management system sx-Space.Business with the updated module “Contract Handling” is already successfully used in its work by Niva of Pereyaslavl.