Webinar about using Vulyk Information system under martial law 

September 15, 2022, the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine together with the State Enterprise “State Center for Information Resources of Ukraine” and the developer company soft Xpansion held a webinar for the public sector on the operation of the VULIK Information System. 

In the webinar, general information on the operation of the “VULIK” IS was provided, as well as the work of ASKs in war circumstances and present-day available capabilities of the system for employees and ASK visitors were discussed. It was also about the advantages of the ASKs’ interaction with other institutions by SEI EB, sending and receiving documents by SEI EB, as well as about paying for services using the “EasyPay” and “UkrKart” payment systems.  

Representatives of more than 100 ASKs were gathered in the webinar, some of them have been working with the system for an average of 2 years. Everyone notes that the “VULYK” IS works without interruptions and fully meets the ASK needs. The system is time and user experience tested (more than 500 centers received almost 1.5 million applications in the system). The main thing is that “Vulyk” is available for free to all ASKs of Ukraine, it is constantly developing and improving, and also has qualified technical and consulting support for operating the system. 

Therefore, we can say that “VULYK” IS is a modern system for providing fast and easy service to citizens in the ASKs in any corner of Ukraine. Every Ukrainian ASK has the opportunity to join the “VULYK” IS and get a free modern tool for providing high-quality services to citizens. 

The “Vulyk” information system was created as part of the “EGO4UKRAINE” project of the “U-LEAD with Europe” program at the expense of donors in support of Ukraine with the cooperation of the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine, the “Academy of Electronic Management” and the soft Xpansion development company. 

Establishing a centralized system for providing administrative services “VULYK” provides a unified standard of ASKs operation countrywide and a significant saving of state, community and donor funds for the development or purchase of separate systems, which is becoming even more relevant in hard times for the country. 

Also, we plan to hold a series of webinars soon, where we will analyze interesting topics and use cases of the “Vulyk” Information System in different ASKs. So follow our news to not miss out. Together to victory. Glory to Ukraine!