World Paper Free Day

Did you know that an office worker uses on average about 40 sheets of paper a day, about half of which is waste? Unfortunately, many businesses still use traditional document keeping systems, which require a lot of space, specific equipment, and expensive maintenance.  

The transition to electronic document management and the rejection of paper documents helps companies and government agencies save space and money, increase employee productivity, simplify the exchange and ensure security of information, and most importantly – it helps the environment, because the less paper we use, the fewer trees are cut down for its production. 

The World Paper Free Day is an annual worldwide campaign aimed at reducing the amount of paper used by people in their daily work and personal lives. The World Paper Free Day is designed to draw attention to the fact that a huge amount of paper is used in vain, and to convey the benefits of modern paper-free technologies. On this day, businesses, government agencies, and all people are advised to stop using paper for one day.  

We are proud that our electronic document management systems, electronic archives, and business process automation systems are already helping to preserve natural resources and the environment. 

Eco-conscious businesses and the state choose a paper-free life, the green planet and soft Xpansion!