Completed projects

Document management, Gov

sX-Space.Government Document Management System 

2017-2020 y. (active)  Alfresco Community Edition
Project Description

An electronic document management system that automates outgoing, incoming, internal, and regulatory documents, as well as personal reception and events in the community. The project implements an individual process for each type of document  

  • Incoming documents: processing incoming correspondence, reviewing, executing (preparing a response), progress monitoring  
  • Outgoing documents: processing outgoing correspondence, affiliation to incoming documents, approval and signing, support for document templates  
  • Internal documents: internal correspondence, personnel documents, memos, internal regulatory documents, etc.  
  • Access to the employee’s personal account: aggregation of tasks and documents  
  • Flexible configuration of document templates with the ability to automatically fill in information from the document card  
  • Designer of routes for approving, signing and executing documents, setting up progress monitoring, including cyclic one  
  • Support for document templates and option for collaboration on a draft document  
  • Work with administrative documents: approval and signing, support of document templates, execution, progress monitoring, familiarization  
  • HR module  
  • Document lifecycle management: creating, saving, editing, adding files, version control, registering, approving, signing, executing, archiving, transferring, etc.  
  • Employee replacement: manager-assistant and manager-deputy  
  • Document coordination: parallel, sequential, mixed  
  • Advanced document search 
  • Batch document processing   
Implementation results
  •  The main office management processes were automated  
  • Document processing time by employees (preparation, approval, signing, implementation of resolutions) was reduced 
  • Risks of errors when working with documents were minimized 
  • Performance discipline was improved 

Personal Resident Account

Project Description

Webportal of the Personal Resident Account is a modern information space for obtaining administrative and electronic services, as well as for obtaining up-to-date information about the Administrative Services Center (ASC) activities. Personal Resident Account allows to submit a request for an online service, track the status of processing the request, and get effective implementation 

  • ASC operating statistical information 
  • Information about services: 
    • services receiving procedure 
    • list of required documents 
    • templates, sample of applications, etc. 
  • ASC operating information
  • Citizen’s account:  
    • account registration using the integrated electronic identification system 
    • option for synchronization of the citizen data in the Citizen’s account with the ASC’s sX-Space.Government electronic document management system 
    • option for submission of an application and a relevant package of documents to receive a service 
    • tracking the request status 
    • option for obtaining request results 
    • generating a request history 
  • News 
  • Feedback from ASC and web portal visitors 
  • Ability to work with the web portal from mobile devices 
  • Administrative functions of the web portal:  
    • news editor 
    • editor of services, issues and sub-issues of requests 
    • service application form designer   
Implementation results
  • Interaction between citizens and the state in obtaining administrative services was facilitated 
  • An applicant was allowed to use online services independently without contacting the ASC 

The integration with the sX-Space.Government document management system has also been implemented as part of the Project