Completed projects


Electronic archive of documents sX-Space.Archive

2018—2020 y. (active) Alfresco Community Edition
Project Description

Electronic document storage system that provides structured and reliable storage of electronic files in the “Visa” Administrative Services Center according to the file register 

  • Sending a package of applicant’s documents for archival storage from the document management system of the “Visa” Center
  • Search for cases, volumes and documents, including full-text search (based on the content of documents)
  • Audit of operations, generation and approval of acceptance and transfer certificates, destruction certificates, etc.
  • Work with cases, volumes, documents (case, volume, document cards, printed forms of cards, transition case administration)
  • Generation and maintenance of the file register
  • Case designer in accordance with the structure and approved provisions of archival storage, generation of a consolidated file register
  • Generation of a file register based on the file register of previous years, coordination of the file register
  • Generation of a printed form of the file register
  • Support for paper archive, document storage topology
  • Statistical reports by division, file register, additional configuration of reports
  • Configuring the access rights matrix by organizational structure, roles, and file register
  • Support for Qualified Digital Signature (QDS)
Implementation results

It contributes to improving the efficiency of the Center’s operation, structured storage of electronic documents, and ensures the storage of electronic files, taking into account requirements of the security policy, reliable storage, confidentiality and differentiation of access rights. The integration with the “Visa” Center’s document management system has also been implemented as part of the Project 

External portal of the "Visa" Administrative Services Center

2018—2020 y. (active) MS .NET Core
Project Description

Web portal of the “Visa” Administrative Services Center is a modern information space for obtaining administrative and electronic services, as well as for obtaining up-to-date information about the Center’s activities. The web portal has a Citizen Account that allows to submit a request for an online service, track the status of processing the request, and get effective implementation 

Link to the website: 

  • Information about services: procedure for receiving services, list of required documents, application templates and samples, etc.
  • Statistical information on the Administrative Services Centre operation
  • Information about the operation of territorial divisions of the Administrative Services Center, their workload and estimated queue time
  • Ability to pay for commercial services directly from the web portal
  • Citizen’s account:
  1. 1. Account registration using the integrated electronic identification system or a Kryvyi Rih citizen card 


  1. 2. Option for submission of an application and a relevant package of documents for an online service using an electronic signature 


  1. 3. Oracking the request status 


  1. 4. Option for obtaining request results 


  1. 5. Option for assessing the quality of service 


  • Pre-registration in the queue management system
  • News and up-to-date information about the Center, media gallery, video gallery
  • Feedback from the Center and web portal visitors: Q&A, feedback about the Center’s operation, service quality assessment, etc.
  • Ability to work in the web portal via mobile devices
  • Website version for people with visual impairments
  • Viber bot: information about services, pre-registration in the queue management system, request status, information about territorial division operation, news, etc.
  • Search on the web portal
  • Administrative functions of the web portal: portal section structure designer, web portal page content editor, news, slider, media gallery, video gallery editors, service editor, online services application form designer
Implementation results
  • Interaction between citizens and the state in obtaining administrative services was facilitated
  • An applicant was allowed to use online services independently without contacting the ASC
  • 6,000+*unique users visited the web portal 
  • 26,000 +*number of pages viewed 
  • 57%*of users viewed the web portal pages using smartphones, which indicates the 24/7 demand for access to the “Visa” Center services 

*As of 2021 year

The integration with the “Visa” Center’s document management system has also been implemented as part of the Project