Completed projects

Document management, Collaboration&Portals, Gov

The corporate portal (internal)

2019 - 2020 y. Alfresco Community Edition
Project Description

The corporate portal of a company creates a single information area for employees co-working; it allows to combine all elements of corporate information into a single resource for convenient use by company employees. The Service Desk module was also implemented as part of the project – automation of employee service requests 

  • Informative home page of the company, broken into thematic blocks:
    • news and announcements 
    • links to the company information resources 
    • event calendar 
    • company structure 
    • employee contacts, birthdays 
    • feedback 
  • HR module:
    • company and structural divisions vacancies, questionnaires 
    • information on staff motivation, development and evaluation 
    • training materials (presentations, video courses, online library) 
    • maintaining employee information (general information, contacts, vacations, payrolls, training, annual assessment, etc.) 
  • Document management:
    • rules for documents execution 
    • forms, templates and sample documents 
    • reference books and instructions 
    • information for bidding processes 
  • Support for amultilingual interface, integration with the company bot platforms and information systems
  • Service Desk — a module for automating employee service requests:
    • single window for service request management 
    • business process for request processing: creation, review, appointment of an executor, execution, closing 
    • history of employee requests 
  • Administrative functions:
    • web portal structure and content management 
    • portal sections access rights management – portal section moderators 
    • reference books and document directories management 
    • event audit 
Implementation results

The introduction of the corporate portal made it possible to create a single information space of the company for employees co-working, to enable employees actively participate in the company life. The Service Desk module has accelerated and systematized employee service request processing 

sX-Space.Government: ASC

2016 – 2021 y. Alfresco Community Edition
Project Description

An Administrative Services Centre (ASC) is intended for automating the acceptance of requests from citizens and legal entities for the provision of administrative services, their processing and issuance of final documents. The module allows to simplify the procedure for submitting requests, reduce the time and cost spent on processing requests, connect related organizations, and increase the level of control and reporting. 

  • Creating an electronic document card: all information is entered in electronic form by an ASC operator 
  • Automatic generation of a list of required documents depending on the selected service 
  • Automatic generation of printed forms of ASC documents: inventory of documents, case record sheet, consent to the collection and processing of personal data, payment receipt 
  • Documents scanning directly from an electronic card and automatic reference thereto (without intermediate saving to a PC) 
  • Automatic generation of the registration number according to the configured numbering rules 
  • Accounting for the transfer of original documents 
  • Integration with the DIIA app for obtaining applicant data and copies of digital documents 
  • Email client: automatic distribution of e-mails and SMS to the applicant 
  • Bar-code operations: mass request processing when sending for execution and receiving results  
  • Business process for service request processing: creation, registration, processing with an administrative body, execution, receipt of a result or interim response, closing 
  • Viber bot: an opportunity to get help and simplify the provision of public services (information on the services and operations of ASC branches, request processing status, news) 

ASC web portal (website): 

  • General information about the ASC (branch addresses, driving directions, opening hours, etc.) 
  • Information about services: 
    • procedure for receiving services 
    • list of required documents 
    • templates, request samples, etc. 
  • News, useful and public information 
  • Statistical information about ASC operation 
  • Ability to check the request processing status 
  • Ability to register in an electronic queue to receive the service 
  • Administrative functions of the web portal: 
    • editor of news, useful and public information 
    • service editor 
    • service request form designer 
Implementation results

Introduction of the ASC web portal facilitates interaction between citizens and the state when receiving administrative services, allows the applicant to get acquainted with the terms of providing administrative services, check the request processing status, register with the electronic queuing system. The project also implements integration with the ASC document management system sX-Space.GovernmentASC