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Document management, Archiving, Gov

sX-Space.Government Document Management System

2018 y. Alfresco Community Edition
Project Description

The electronic document management system includes management and administrative functions, as well as classical document management, which allows to automate outgoing, incoming, internal, and regulatory documents 

  • Access to the employee’s personal account: aggregation of tasks, documents, business process catalog
  • Processing incomingdocuments: 
    • registration, review, execution (response preparation), implementation status monitoring 
    • automatic sending of resolutions to subordinate central executive authorities through the SEI EB system 
    • barcoding support 
    • archiving 
  • Processing of sourcedocuments: option for creating documents according to a template, approval and signing, registration, option for sending via the SEI EB system, archiving
  • Internal documents: official correspondence, processing of protocols, orders, accounting, personneldocuments, etc. 
  • Document approval route designer: parallel, sequential, mixed
  • Support for document templates and option for collaboration on a draft document
  • Document lifecycle management: creating, saving, editing, adding files, version control, registering,approving, signing, executing, archiving, transferring, etc.
  • Integration with the SEI EB system: 
    • receiving incoming documents from the SEI EB, automated verification of the completeness of the document package and the signatory’s QDS 
    • notification of delivery, receipt, registration, refusal to register an electronic document by the addressee
    • transfer of outgoing documents to the SEI EB system, automated verification of the presence of the outgoing letter file and the correctness of the signatory’s QDS 
  • Document scanning module directly to the system without first saving a scanned copy to your PC
  • Attribute search for documents, including full-text search (by document content) with the ability to save search templates for generating operational reports
  • HR module
  • Employee replacement: manager-assistant and manager-deputy
  • Event calendar with the option for planning events and booking the necessary resources for their implementation (equipment, assembly halls, meeting rooms, etc.)
  • High-contrast interface scheme adapted for monitors with low information display quality 
Implementation results
  • The main office management processes were automated 
  • Document processing time by employees (preparation, approval, signing, implementation of resolutions) was reduced 
  • Risks of errors when working with documents were minimized 
  • Performance discipline was improved 
  • Costs for printing documents were reduced 
  • Correspondence with other organizations and subordinate central executive authorities through the SEI EB system was accelerated