Completed projects

sX Web Framework

Development of the Vulyk Information System, a software package for automating Administrative Service Centres

2017 – 2021 y. (active) sX Web Framework, Alfresco Community Edition
Project Description

An Administrative Services Centre (ASC) automates the acceptance of applications from citizens and legal entities for the provision of administrative services, their processing and issuance of final documents. The module allows to simplify the procedure for submitting applications, reduce the time and cost spent on processing applications, connect related organizations, and increase the level of control and reporting

The Vulyk information system was implemented by the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine in cooperation with the Academy of Electronic Management and soft Xpansion as part of the EGO4UKRAINE project with the support of U-LEAD with Europe Programme


  • Creating an electronic document card: all information is entered in electronic form by an ASC operator 
  • Automatic generation of a printed form of application based on the entered data about the applicant and the selected public service 
  • Automatic generation of a list of required documents depending on the selected service 
  • Automatic generation of a printed form of documents accepted from the applicant and their availability control 
  • Documents scanning directly from an electronic card and automatic reference thereto, avoiding intermediate saving to a local disk 
  • Automatic generation of the registration number according to the file register 
  • Accounting for the transfer of original documents 
  • Integration with the Diia app for receiving documents Integration with the System of Electronic Interaction of Executive Bodies (SEI EB) 
  • Integration with payment systems for instant payment for administrative services 
  • Ability to read the ID passport and automatically enter data from the passport in the Vulyk IS 
  • Integration with the Register of Territorial Communities (RTC) 
  • Email client: automatic distribution of e-mails and SMS to the applicant 
  • Messenger bot, viber bot: an option for getting help and simplifying the provision of administrative services (information on services, registration in the queue, application review status, receiving messages) 
  • Links to other documents and ability to save different versions of documents (versioning support) 
  • Business document processing, which may include creation, registration, approval, resolution, signing, execution, reporting, deadline control, etc. 
System advantages
  • Centralized installation: the ability to implement the system in the cloud at the national level and connect a large number of communities through government development programmes 
  • Local installation: ability to implement the system in an individual region 
  • Extensive options for configuring and developing a solution: developing own processes, reports, and custom forms without programming 
  • Powerful integration capabilities: the ASC module provides an opportunity of integration with any EDMs and portals that support integration tools. Maximum efficiency of the module is achieved with the Electronic Document Management System sX-Space.Government
  • Use of modern user identification technologies: Вank ID, Mobile ID or qualified electronic signature 
Implementation results
  • Implementation of the Vulyk IS allowed more than 500* Administrative Service Centres (ASC) automate the process of accepting applications from citizens and legal entities for the provision of administrative services, their processing and issuing final documents 
  • More than 2,500* ASC administrators use the Vulyk IS 
  • More than 500,000* applications were accepted during the Vulyk IS operation 
*As of October 2021 year

Trembita System for Electronic Interaction of State Electronic Information Resources 

2017 – 2020 y. (active)   UXP 
Project Description

System of electronic interaction of state electronic information resources, also known as interoperability system in Ukraine, or just Trembita system, is a modern organizational and technical solution that allows to build secure interdepartmental information interactions between state bodies and local self-government bodies via the Internet by exchanging electronic messages between their information systems

The Trembita system is one of the key elements of the infrastructure for providing electronic services to citizens and businesses, ensuring convenient unified access to state register data. The Trembita system is based on the improved X-ROAD Estonian data exchange platform, which is the foundation of the Estonian digital society

The Trembita system is implemented by the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine in cooperation with the Academy of electronic management, Cybernetica LTD and SoftXpansion LLC as part of the EGOV4UKRAINE Project of the U-LEAD with Europe Program 


  • Decentralized: a fully distributed fault-tolerant system that does not involve data centralizing and owner changing 
  • Obtaining access to these state registers by various institutions in accordance with the specified powers, which, in turn, improves the quality of providing electronic public services to citizens and businesses 
  • Easy unified creation of interactions between information systems, as it uses a single set of rules and formats 
  • Fault tolerance due to the decentralized installation of components for participants and data exchange directly between participants without passing through intermediate units 
  • High level of security thanks to electronic signature and encryption of all transmitted data, as well as event logging, access control to web services and taking measures aimed at countering denial-of-service attacks 
Implementation results

The Trembita system is used by more than 100 state and local government bodies*  

*As of October 2021 year