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Automation of the Bidding Committee business processes

2020 - 2021 y. Nintex K2 
Project Description

The solution is designed to automate and optimize the workflow of the company’s collegial body – the Bidding Committee, in order to ensure convenient and prompt formation of issues for consideration, organize the collegial body meetings and control the implementation of decisions adopted thereby 

  • User’s personal account is a single corporate standard for presenting the decision information with centralized access to all System functions:  
    • my tasks – register of current user tasks  
    • register of issues  
    • register of meetings  
    • register of orders  
  • The same type of information presentation logic: the same type of cards, tasks, and business intelligence elements  
  • Thin client: to work with the System, you only need an Internet Browser, a modern responsive design, view and edit documents directly in an Internet Browser using the OnlyOffice package  
  • Automation of the procedure for submitting applications (questions) to the Bidding Committee: control of issues, approval, consideration, signing of the minutes using the QDS  
  • Automation of the meeting processing procedure: meeting planning, adding issues, consideration of meeting issues by members of the Bidding Committee  
  • Automation of order processing and monitoring of execution  
  • Automatic generation of the meeting minutes using a template, displaying information about signatory QDSs in the minutes   
  • Automatic quorum detection and processing of voting results  
  • Flexible configuration of alerts to System users about the need to adopt certain decisions or approaching events  
  • Attribute search by criteria, search by logical operators, saving search templates for future reference  
  • Managing templates for standard issues, alerts, task instructions, and printed document forms   
  • Configuring directories, registration number masks, and distributing users by role 
  • Audit log of user actions in the System  
Implementation results
  • Online organization of a Bidding Committee meeting from the preparation of documents to signing (using QDS) the minutes   
  • Saving labour time due to fully automated key processes, which allowed to reduce the time spent on approving, signing, searching documents and free up employees’ time for other priority tasks. 
  • Document versioning control – employees work with the latest version, and collaboration tools provide the ability to edit documents simultaneously 
  • Reduced risk of document loss or leakage of confidential information due to reliable and secure storage of documents, as well as information within the System 
  • Simplified organization of the employee workflow – you only need an Internet Browser (thin client) to get started 
  • Improved performance discipline