Completed projects

Document management, Archiving

Electronic archive of documents sX-Space.Archive

2019 - 2021 y. (activ) Alfresco Community Edition  
Project Description

The system is designed for organizing systematic electronic storage and cataloging of documents that form client files 

  • Systematized storage and cataloging of information by document type: documents of individuals, sole proprietors, legal entities with an indication of their location 
  • Registration of documents, search for cases, volumes and documents, including full-text search based on the content of documents 
  • Client dossier card with information on client documents, document description, and other information 
  • Case designer in accordance with the structure and approved provisions of archival storage, generation of a consolidated file register, structural division files 
  • Monitoring the completeness of client dossiers and sending messages about detected errors 
  • Scanning of paper documents with import to archive, including documents in electronic format 
  • Issuance and return of files, volumes, and documents 
  • Generation of an acceptance and transfer certificate, certificate of document transfer to divisions, certificate of destruction of documents 
  • Audit of operations, report generation 
  • sX–Space.Archive integration with automated banking information system (ABIS) 
  • Loading a group/role model from external systems (Active Directory) 
  • Configuring the role model and access rights to System objects 
Implementation results

Implementation of sX-Space.Archive provided structured storage of documents in electronic form, minimized the cost of maintaining a paper archive, increased the efficiency of work with document management in general, and simplified work with archival documents (withdrawal, sending for storage)