Completed projects

Business Process Management, Document management, Collaboration&Portals, Financial, Alfresco Community Edition

Electronic document management system sX-Space.Business

2020 y. Alfresco Community Edition
Project Description

A system that automates outgoing, incoming, internal documents, as well as orders and protocols. Within the framework of the project, an individual procurement process has been implemented, which automates the work with business contracts of the bank – preparation, approval of the application, consideration and approval of the application by the Tender Committee, preparation of the contract, invoices for payment, control of implementation

  • Internal documents: internal correspondence, application processing, personnel documents, memoranda, internal regulatory documents, etc.
  • Access to the personal account of the employee: aggregation of tasks, documents, links to external resources, catalog of business processes
  • Flexible configuration of document templates with the ability to automatically fill in information from the document card
  • Constructor of routes for approval, signing and execution of documents, settings of control of execution (including cyclic)
  • Support for document templates, collaboration capabilities on a document project
  • Work with administrative documents: approval and signing, support of document templates, execution, control of execution, familiarization
  • Protocols: processing of meetings, meetings, agreements, formation of questions and decisions, approval and signing, support of document templates, execution, control of execution
  • Incoming documents: processing of incoming correspondence, consideration, execution (preparation of a response), control of execution, bar coding support
  • Outgoing documents: processing of outgoing correspondence, communication with an incoming document, approval and signing, support for document templates
  • Personnel module
  • Management and control of the life cycle of documents: creating, storing, editing, adding files, version control, registration, approval, signing, execution, archiving, transfer, etc.
  • Substitution of an employee: manager – assistant and manager – deputy
  • Document negotiation: parallel, sequential, mixed
  • Advanced document search
Implementation results

The main processes of office work have been automated, the execution of routine work by employees has been accelerated, the risks of errors when working with documents have been minimized, and the executive discipline has been increased

sX-Space.Board collegial body portal

2020 y. Alfresco Community Edition
Project Description

An electronic system that automated the work of 12 collegial bodies of the bank, the board, committees, which also contains a voting system for board members

  • Personal User Cabinet – a unified corporate standard for presenting information, all questions are available in one cabinet
  • Formation of the agenda of the meeting, coordination with the possibility of making proposals
  • Automation of the application procedure – question for consideration, explanations, justification, draft decision
  • Designing routes for approval of applications and meetings
  • Formation of the minutes of the meeting, bringing the decisions of the council to the attention of the executors, automation of instructions and monitoring the status of their implementation
  • Setting up messages/reminders to committee members about the need to make certain decisions or about events that are approaching
  • Centralized monitoring of system activities, audit log
  • Management of document templates, reference books, instructions
  • Management of structure, content, access rights
  • Multilingual interface, CEP support
  • Electronic subsystem of voting “for”, “abstain” or “against”, submission of proposals and comments to the draft decision, summing up
  • Support for various algorithms for determining the voting results, customizing the voting logic
Implementation results

The introduction of the sX-Space.Board collegial body portal ensured the prompt review and approval of strategic and management issues by the company’s management. CEP support and the ability to work in the system with an Internet browser connection, accelerated the consideration of topical issues directly from any user location

The electronic document management system sX-Space.Business together with the portal of the collegial body sX-Space.Board form a single, intuitive interface, made taking into account the bank’s brand book