Completed projects

Document management, Archiving, BI, Financial, Alfresco Community Edition

Business analytics for electronic archive

2013 y. MS Silverlight, MS SharePoint
Project Description

Electronic archive of client cases and operations on the MS SharePoint platform

  • Registration of documents
  • Search for cases, volumes, documents, including full-text search (by the content of documents)
  • Automatic conversion of documents to PDF/A – format
  • Scanning paper documents, printing bar codes, importing electronic documents into the archive, including documents with digital signature
  • Support for the import and export of an electronic document in ASiC – a format that meets EU requirements
  • Audit of operations, formation and approval of acts of destruction, transfer of cases to divisions
  • Formation of the acceptance certificate
  • Book of accounting of receipts and disposal of documents
  • Statistical report in the context of departments, nomenclature of cases, additional customization of reports, the ability to connect a report designer
  • Configuring the matrix of access rights in the context of organizational structure, roles, nomenclature of cases
  • Support for electronic digital signature (EDS) and qualified digital signature (CEP)
  • Streaming and non-streaming scanning components
Implementation results
  • Secure centralized storage of client documents
  • Tools for digitizing paper documents (components for streaming and non-streaming scanning, improving the quality of scanned copies, text recognition)
  • Two-way integrations with internal banking systems (ABS, data marts)
  • More than 20 automated business processes for administering credit transactions and automated workstations for back office employees