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Employee system sX-Space.Contract for Office 365

2019 - 2020 y. SharePoint Online, SharePoint Office 365
Project Description

The system is designed to organize the process of contractual activities within a company. All key actions and stages of the contractual process are automated – from counterparty verification and accreditation, draft contract initiation, approval and signing, to monitoring the fulfillment of contractual obligations with an automatic reminder of contract renewal or termination 

  • Allows to automate the processes of contract documents maintainance (contract, supplementary agreement, specification, certificate, appendix, etc.) 
  • Maintaining a directory of counterparties, counterparty verification and accreditation. Accreditation support by several categories 
  • Integration with YouControl online services for checking the counterparty and automatically receiving data thereon 
  • Automatic reminder of counterparty re-crediting 
  • Support for standard and non-standard templates of contract documents and routes for approval/signing thereof 
  • Automatic detection of the document route based on the contract type, value, currency, or other conditions 
  • Automatic generation and filling in of DOCX, XLSX templates of contract documents based on the data in the document card 
  • Ability to manually edit editable blocks in generated documents 
  • Approval design that allows to configure approval routes with any number of stages and approving persons and save routes for future use 
  • Ability to ”remotely” (outside the office) approve and maintain contract documents  
  • Support for joint simultaneous document editing by approving persons, adding comments and attaching additional files during the approval process 
  • Ability to edit documents online using Office 365 
  • Recording all actions in the document history, document versioning and revision control 
  • Quick search of documents in the system by various attributes 
  • Tracking the status, deadlines, and progress of contractual obligations, with a reminder function 
Implementation results
  • Reduced time for preparation and approval of a package of contract documents 
  • Simplified interaction between employees of different departments in the process of work with contracts 
  • Systematized and classified contractual activities of the company. 
  • Ability to ”remotely” (outside the office) approve and maintain contract documents  
  • Eliminated errors related to reviewing outdated versions of documents 
  • Ability to track a document flow, avoid incidents related to the loss of documents 
  • Significantly reduced time spent on searching for documents, optimized working hours of employees