Business Process Management
Document Management System for Government | sX-Space.Government – is an electronic document management system for state authorities and local self-governments that includes managerial and administrative functions as well as classis...
Document Management System for Business | sX-Space.Business is an electronic document management system for commercial businesses and organizations, financial institutions and insurance companies that combines classic document management and basic...
sX-Space.Business for Office 365
Document Management System for Business: Office 365 | sX-Space.Business for Office 365 is an electronic document management system for SharePoint Online and Office 365 cloud products. The system combines traditional...
Contract Management | sX-Space.Contract is a modern solution for conducting contractual activities of the company which allows to accelerate the processes of approval and signing of contractual documents, ensure their...
sX-Space.Contract for Office 365
Contract Management | sX-Space.Contract for Office 365 is a modern solution for conducting contractual activities of the company which allows to accelerate the processes of approval and signing of contractual...
sX-Space.Government: ASC
Administrative Service Center | sX-Space.Government: ASC serves to automate processes of accepting applications of citizens and legal entities for providing administrative services, their processing and final documents issue. Module usage...
e-Petions System | sX-Space.Petitions is an automated system that enables citizens of a city (village, region, district etc.) to initiate new petitions to self-government bodies and support the existing ones....
Participatory budget | sX-Space.Budget is an electronic system of interaction between city councils or other local government bodies and the public. It is aimed at attracting residents to participate in...
Applications and Services (automation of processes)
Applications and Services (automation of processes) – provides the client with technological solutions for monitoring, automation, optimization and timely receipt of services by way of forming simple applications with a...
Supervisory Board Portal | sX-Space.Board is a universal solution created to optimize the workflow of the company’s management bodies – the Supervisory Board, Management Board or Directorate, dedicated committees, and...
Сredit Processes management | sX-Space.Сredit is a tool that allows to automate the processes of preparation, review and approval of loans, signing contracts by an organization to other legal entities...
Support Portal | sX-Space.HelpDesk – solution for automated processing of customer and internal user requests, ensuring the smooth operation of the company’s basic infrastructure. The HelpDesk allows interaction without compromising...


Alfresco Community Edition

As accompanying services can be performed a full cycle of implementation and development: preparing of functional and technical requirements, infrastructure project development, customization of solutions, development, testing, environment preparing, installation and adjustment, go-live, support, migration, integration with other systems etc.


soft Xpansion offers solutions and services in areas related to document management systems, electronic archive systems, portal solutions, application and services automation (automation of processes). Our solutions based on platforms Alfresco Community Edition, OpenText Documentum, Microsoft SharePoint, K2, sX Web Framework and related technologies.

OpenText Documentum

Rich experience of development and implementation of solutions for government bodies, local self-governments, city councils, financial organizations, industry, agro and other businesses.

SharePoint/Office 365

The quality of services we provide daily to customers around the world is confirmed by a certificate of compliance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 «Quality Management Systems. Requirements». The level of security is confirmed by the certificate of compliance with the requirements of ISO 27001 Information Security.


Own testing laboratory, which provides functional and regressive testing, testing of graphical user interface and usability, performance testing and stress testing, information security testing.


ING Bank
ProCredit Bank
JSC “UkrSibbank”
Globus Bank
PJSC “Raiffeisen Bank Aval”
Piraeus Bank
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