Сredit Processes management | sX-Space.Сredit is a tool that allows to automate the processes of preparation, review and approval of loans, signing contracts by an organization to other legal entities or individuals. The system consists of the processes of generating a loan request, approving and reviewing by services, as well as approving and signing loan and collateral agreements.

The system is intended for financial institutions and companies that ensure their own development through a loan mechanism. 

Implementation of the Сredit Processes Management System | sX-Space.Сredit will ensure transparent interaction of the customer’s departments during the work on requests, strengthen the operational discipline, security and reliability of information storage, allow to differentiate access rights, eliminate the risks of loss and increase the efficiency of the loan process organization as a whole.


Automation of the Time to Yes (decision making) stage of the loan process – generating and filling in the loan request, its review and approval by the services

Subsystem for calculation of loan values, solvency and loan ratios

Flexible determination of the business process route based on the loan request data and requested loan conditions

Automated activities of the Loan Committee (optional) - preparing the agenda, requests for consideration, meeting time and reminders, electronic voting subsystem, preparing a decision protocol using templates, printing documents

Automated "Time to Money" (documentary loan formalization) stage of the credit process — universal approval and signing of the loan agreement, pledge and surety agreements, including by means of digital signatures

Subsystem for maintenance of existing terms of loan agreements, monitoring of indicators, terms of collateral audit

Aggregation and visualization of analytical reports by clients, groups of clients, maintaining the borrower's credit history

Setting up the control function in loan request servicing processes

Generating reports on the status of approval of specific documents and regular reporting to managers

Setting up regular reminders for an employee in case of failure to complete a task within the allotted time, with the option of sending a message to his/her manager

Integration with other banking systems and services for organization of the "single client" concept»

Flexible differentiation of access rights depending on the role and position of the employee, structural division, document type, client segment

Centralized storage of information regarding groups of companies, borrowers, loan requests and indicators, loan limits, covenants, collaterals; all information is stored centrally, available to users according to their official powers

Search for documents in the repository by different parameters, ability to export results to MS Excel format


Adaptation of the solution to local legislation, localization in the customer's language, implementation, training of local partners
Extensive options for configuring the solution and its development: development of own processes, reports and forms without programming
Powerful integration capabilities: the system can be integrated with any systems and portals that support integration tools, such as an electronic document management system, an internal portal, etc.
Ability to host the system in the cloud or on customer's servers
Cryptographic data protection, QES support
Responsive design for operating from mobile devices and tablets
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