Administrative Service Center | sX-Space.Government: ASC serves to automate processes of accepting applications of citizens and legal entities for providing administrative services, their processing and final documents issue.
Module usage simplifies the application process, reduces the time and costs of applications processing, connects third-party organizations, and enhances control and reporting.

Implementation Administrative Service Center | sX-Space.Government: ASC ensures maximum improvement of communication between ASC and applicants, speeds up processes of consideration and reception of issued documents, and increases the executive discipline of employees and transparency of operations.

Functional features:

Electronic document card creation: all information is submitted electronically & directly by the Administrative Services Center operator

Automatic formation of application typing form based on the applicant’s entered data and the selected administrative service

Automatic creation of required documents list according to selected administrative service

Automatic formation of typing form of documents: documents received from the applicant and their availability control, letters of passage, consent to collection and processing of personal data, payment receipts, etc.

Documents scanning directly from the electronic card and automatic binding to it

Automatic registration number generation

Original documents transfer accounting

Support batch (mass) processing of documents when sending to the administrative body and receiving answers

Automatic sending of email and SMS messages to applicants

Telegram bot, Viber bot - opportunity to get help, simplification of administrative services provision (information on ASC, services, queue entry, application review status, messages reception, news etc.)

Links to other documents, saving different versions of documents (versioning)

Business process of document processing, which may include: creation, registration, execution, provision of intermediate and final answers, reports, control of terms etc.


sX-Space.Government: ASC
Adaptation of the solution to local legislation, localization in the language Customer, implementation, training of local partners
sX-Space.Government: ASC
Centralized installation: possibility to implement the system in a cloud at state level and connect a large number of communities through state development programs
sX-Space.Government: ASC
Local installation/private clouds: possibility of implementation in separate regions
sX-Space.Government: ASC
Wide opportunities of solution adjustment and development: creation of own processes, reports and user forms without programming
sX-Space.Government: ASC
Powerful integration opportunities: module ASC can interact with any document management system and portals that support integrational tools. Maximum performance is achieved with DMS sX-Space.Government. Full integration with system of electronic interaction of executive bodies, version 2.0, and electronic interaction system “Trembita”, that corresponds with setup of strategy “State in smartphone”
sX-Space.Government: ASC
Use of modern users’ identification technologies: Bank ID, Mobile ID or electronic digital signature
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