Contract Management | sX-Space.Contract is a modern solution for conducting contractual activities of the company which allows to accelerate the processes of approval and signing of contractual documents, ensure their systematized and reliable storage, automate the processes of counterparty accreditation and, eventually, to reduce overall expenses on document management. Automation includes all key actions and stages of the contractual process – from counterparty verification and accreditation, initiation of the contract project, its approval and signature, up to controlling the fulfilment of contractual obligations with an automated reminder of extension or closure.

Implementation of Contract Management | sX-Space.Contract allows you to significantly save time and resources on contractual activities, simplify interaction with contractors, automate all key stages of the contractual process, allows all participants to work on one document simultaneously, minimizes the risk of losing the contract and ensures tracking of all changes.

Functional features:

Automation of processes for keeping contractual documents (contract, supplementary contract, specification, act, supplement etc.)

Keeping a register of counterparties, process of counterparty verification and accreditation

Integration of the process of counterparty verification with YouControl online services

Automated reminder of counterparty reaccreditation

Support of standard and non-standard templates for contractual documents and routes of their approval/signature. Automated determination of document passage route depending on the type of the contract, amount, currency and other terms

Automated generation and filling in of DOCX, XLSX-templates for contractual documents based on the data contained in the document template

Possibility of manual editing of blocks in the generated documents which can be accessed for editing

Availability of approval builder which allows to adjust approval routes with any number of stages and approvers, parallel and sequential approval

Possibility of “remote” (out-of-office) fulfillment of approval functions

Support of joint simultaneous editing of the document by approvers, adding comments and attaching supplementary files during the process of approval

Possibility of editing documents online without installing office software on the user’s device

Recording all actions in the document history, controlling the version and edition of the document

Support of the automated and manual formation of registration numbers for contractual documents based on the given rules

Operative search of documents in the system using different attributes

Tracking statuses, terms and fulfillment status of contractual obligations, with reminder function and possibility of automated extension


Reduced time for preparation and approval of the package of contractual documentation
Facilitating the interaction of employees from different subdivisions in the process of working with contracts
Systematization and classification of all contractual activities of the company
Possibility of “remote” (out-of-the-office) approval of contracts
Exclusion of errors related to viewing of old document versions
Possibility of tacking movements of the contract, exclusion of incidents related to its loss
Significant reduction of time for document search, optimization of employees’ work schedule
Ensuring the safety and reliability of documentation storage, demarcation of access rights to it
Support of interaction with other information systems of the company, synchronization with existing business processes
Ensuring the transparency of the process for approval of contractual documentation
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