Electronic archive of documents | sX-Space.Archive – is an universal system for the electronic storage of documents. It allows automating the most crucial functions of archival activity, ensures secure, controllable and manageable storage, as well as search and use of various types of documents. The system enables the management of the life cycle of any document from its reception to the storage term expiration in accordance with the approved rules of the organization.

Electronic archive of documents | sX-Space.Archive implementation provides structured storage of documents in electronic form, minimizes the costs of paper archive maintenance, eliminates the risk of document loss or damage and increases efficiency of work with the document flow in general.

Functional features:

General functions
  • Documents registration
  • Search of cases, volumes, documents, including full-text search (content)
  • Automatic conversion of documents to PDF/A format
  • Paper documents scanning, bar codes printing, import into the archive of electronic documents, including documents with digital signature
  • Support for importing and exporting an electronic document to ASiC format that complies with the EU requirements
  • Operations audit, formation and approval of acts of destruction, transfer of cases to structural units
  • Reception-transmission act formation
Work with cases, volumes, documents
  • Cards of cases, volumes, documents, printed forms of cards
  • Numbering case designer
  • Cases reforming and closure, work with cases, transitional cases
  • Formation and approval of descriptions
Formation and maintenance of the cases nomenclature
  • Designer of cases in accordance with the structure and approved archival storage provisions, formation of consolidated nomenclature of cases, cases of structural units
  • Nomenclature formation based on former ones, cases nomenclature approval
  • Formation of the printed form of the cases nomenclature
Issue and return
  • Support for paper archive, topology of physical storage of documents
  • Automated processes for issuing and returning cases / volumes / documents
  • Support for transferring documents to external storage / outsourcing document storage
  • Book of documents reception and departure accounting
  • Statistical report in terms of units, cases nomenclature, additional report setup, ability to connect a report designer
Role Model/Safety Model
  • Downloading of group/role model from external systems, support for electronic digital signature
  • The matrix of access rights is configured according to organizational structure, roles, cases nomenclature
  • Support for electronic digital signature (EDS) and qualified digital signature (CEP)


Wide opportunities of solution adjustment and development: own processes and reports creation using forms without programming
Powerful integration opportunities: sX-Space.Archive can be integrated to any system or portal that supports integrational tools such as electronic document management system, ASC, Personal resident account, e-petitions system, internal and external portal
Possibility to install the system in a cloud or on Customer’s servers
Cryptographic data protection, support for qualified electronic signature
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