HR-Management is an electronic system that automates and combines personnel management processes: recruitment request, training, transfer to another department, certificate of employment, leave request and approval of the leave schedule, changes to the staff schedule, dismissal, bot platforms, etc.

The system is intended for businesses and organizations of various forms of ownership, financial institutions and state agencies.

Implementation of the HR-Management System will ensure transparent interaction of the Customer’s departments in the process of work, reduce the time spent on generating, searching and processing HR documents, strengthen operational discipline, security and reliability of information storage, allow to differentiate access rights, eliminate the risk of loss and increase the efficiency of HR management within the organization as a whole.


Recruitment request — automated business process, identification of participants and routes of the request, status tracking, subsystem for regular reminders with the option to notify the manager, automatic generation of the approval sheet for recruitment

Personnel training management subsystem – automated business processes for processing electronic course development requests, training requests, including advanced training, conducting a survey/testing, event calendar, option for invitation of employees to the event, integration of training plans with personal and corporate calendar, regular reminders subsystem with the option to notify the manager

Request for certificate of employment — automated business process which allows employees to apply for a certificate of employment. This tool allows to significantly simplify the process of applying for a certificate of employment, as well as the significantly reduce its processing time

Request for an employee transfer — automated process of transfer of employees within the organization (from one department to another). This tool significantly reduces the time for generation, search and monitoring of all personnel transfer requests, improves the efficiency of the HR Department, and provides reliable and secure storage of personnel documentation

Staff schedule change request — automated process of submitting and approving changes to the staff schedule related to adding/removal of staff units (division/positions) followed by generation of a report with a list of agreed changes

Approval of the leave schedule — a complex subsystem that allows employees to plan leave dates in advance, agree them automatically with their managers, and post information in the organization's personnel software. In addition to saving time for approving leave schedules, the subsystem allows to assign leaves to employees throughout the year and avoids overlaps when drawing up leave schedules throughout the organization

Leave request is a tool that allows company employees to submit leave requests electronically, followed by automatic approval by all the necessary managers. Integration with the company's HR system and synchronization of leave schedules with this software

Dismissal of an employee and filling out an exit checklist are automated business processes that allow to electronically generate and fill out employees exit checklists, optimizing and significantly speeding up reconciliation procedures for dismissal. Based on the known information about the dismissed employees (their managers, departments, etc.), the system automatically determines the route of the document during the dismissal process


Adaptation of the solution to local legislation, localization in the customer's language, implementation, training of local partners
Extensive options for configuring the solution and its development: development of own processes, reports and forms without programming
Powerful integration capabilities: the system can be integrated with any systems and portals that support integration tools, such as an electronic document management system, an internal portal, etc.
Ability to host the system in the cloud or on customer's servers
Cryptographic data protection, QES support
Responsive design for operating from mobile devices and tablets
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