Business Intelligence Solutions are designed to provide informational and analytical support for making managerial decisions. The solutions implement a role model for distributing user access rights. The solutions design is created in accordance with the unique style of web resources of public authorities. It also provides convenient access for users to the elements of the interface, including the controls. The solutions are designed for for the country’s leadership, State Statistics Service, Accounting Chamber, government experts, etc.

Business Intelligence Solutions implementation ensures a high level of leadership awareness about the events in the country, automates the processes of collecting, storing and presenting data as charts, diagrams, maps, matrices, tables etc.

Functional features:

Electronic Office

Module for representation of aggregated data from various sources. Automated formation of consolidated reports, features to get detailed reports from different fields and areas, event notification indicators

Analytical subsystem

Designed for data maintenance, verification and further publication in the central repository of current data collections. Data is stored in lists on the sites of the target platform. Each site is responsible for maintaining a specific data section and has separate administrative access settings

Centralized repository

Designated for storing data that has been pre-tested in the analytical subsystem by responsible moderators and marked for publication in the central database. The data stored in the central database is available for aggregation and presentation for users.


Business Intelligence Solutions
Modularity. Division of the solution´ functional parts into independent modules according to original purposes of their components
Business Intelligence Solutions
Independence. Each system module is a complete functional unit that can operate without compulsory simultaneous operation of other modules
Business Intelligence Solutions
Flexibility and accessibility. Each solution module is able to interact with third-party modules that can be created and configured in accordance with the established interaction procedure
Business Intelligence Solutions
Stability. Each module with high load and/or critical data or tools exists within separate hardware and software ecosystem (server/operating system/software/security tools). Each module is resistant to high load
Business Intelligence Solutions
Operability. All operations relating to solution work support and configuration are simple, clear and fast in execution
Business Intelligence Solutions
Possibility to install the system in a cloud or on customer’s servers
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