Document Management System for Business: Office 365 | sX-Space.Business for Office 365 is an electronic document management system for SharePoint Online and Office 365 cloud products. The system combines traditional document management and basic management functions, provides transparent, controlled and managed execution of automated processes of incoming and outgoing documents, internal correspondence, organizational and administrative documents, contracts, formation of an electronic archive of documents, etc.

Document Management System for Business: Office 365 | sX-Space.Business for Office 365 system is based on the SharePoint Online platform using Microsoft PowerApps and Flow visual development tools, which do not require writing software code. These tools provide extensive options for configuring business logic and workflows to transform manual document processing into digital automated business processes.


  • Office management: processing incoming documents, outgoing documents, internal correspondence, contracts, regulatory, organizational and administrative documents, making an electronic archive of documents, control of document and resolution execution, etc.
  • Functionality for preparing and approving electronic documents
  • Support for working together on documents using the Microsoft Office Online editing and annotation platform
  • Connecting standard word document templates with support for card and document attributes synchronization
  • Functionality for endorsing documents, creating, executing and controlling tasks
  • Support for EDS and QES tools
  • Structured electronic document Archive
Additional functions:
  • Ability to grant access to contractor's employees (guest users) to document approval
  • Connecting standard routes and setting up own approval routes
  • Notification subsystem for events within the System
Additional functions:
  • Approval functionality in the e-mail client
  • Web client (responsive design) and mobile client
  • Document review functionality
Additional functions:
  • Search of documents, contractors by attributes
  • Integration with Azure Active Directory
  • Power BI reports and dashboards
Additional functions:
  • Integration tools with internal and external portals, accounting and other systems of the institution
  • Administration functionality
Additional functions:
  • Bar code and QR code maintenance modules
  • Support for working with a qualified electronic signature (QES), etc.


sX-Space.Business for Office 365
It is created using modern technologies, takes into account the latest trends in the creation and implementation of Information Systems and can be (if necessary) adapted to a specific institution.
sX-Space.Business for Office 365
It is based on cloud services, integrated with other Office 365 services/applications, such as Outlook, Word, Excel, Power BI, and others.
sX-Space.Business for Office 365
Using cloud technologies allows to work with colleagues on the same document online and significantly reduce the cost of deploying, maintaining and protecting your organization's IT infrastructure.
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