Knowledge base is an automated system for creation, approval, publication and structured storage of all normative and reference materials of the company.

This product allows to ensure easy access for employees to current versions of normative, legal and managerial documents, reference information, educational materials, standard templates etc.

Fully automated document lifecycle includes creation, approval, publication, removal of documents from circulation; integration with document management systems allows to publish approved documents of certain types in the Knowledge database.

Implementation of the Knowledge base allows to significantly reduce the time required by the employees to search for relevant normative, managerial, reference and educational information and, on the whole, to improve the quality of internal and industrial processes due to organization of centralized accumulation and repeated use of knowledge inside the company.

Functional opportunities:

Multilevel storage of normative and reference documentation with flexible demarcation of access rights to documents depending on the employee’s role and position, type of the document (public or non-public), its type and status

Creating normative and reference documents using templates with automatic filling in of template fields on the basis of information included into the electronic document template

Automated publication of the approved document in the document management system (for example, order, disposition etc.) in the respective place of the Knowledge base structure depending on the document attributes

Support of own processes for document approval and publication directly in the Knowledge database, possibility of signing approved documents with qualified electronic signature and electronic digital signature

Possibility of storing packages of documents of different types (Word, PDF, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio) within a single normative and reference document. Function of automated creation of immutable copies of electronic documents, also in the format destined for long-term storage (PDF/А)

Viewing electronic documents of any formats directly from document template, without any need to install additional software. It is possible to prohibit to store certain types of documents on user computers and to allow to view their content only in web-based interface

Integration with other information systems, ability to publish the documents, for example, on the internal/external portal of the organization after completing the approval process

Two-way connection function (references) between different documents

Automated control system for validity of the documents. Possibility of automated dispatch of messages and tasks to responsible employees after the end of the validity of the document

Availability of full-scale thin client with easy-to-use design adapted for working on mobile devices

Ample opportunities for search and navigation – multi-criteria search by attributes (including search within file content in any file), hierarchical navigation of the Knowledge database as well as by “tag cloud”. Exporting search results to Excel


Knowledge base
Easy-to-use web-interface adapted for working on mobile devices
Knowledge base
Availability of mobile clients for Android та iOS platforms with offline mode support (without accessing the System)
Knowledge base
Possibility of deploying solution in a cloud and also in the Client’s own data centres
Knowledge base
Full-scale document management system – versioning, flexible settings of access rights, supported conversion of documents into immutable format
Knowledge base
Ample opportunities for adjustment of the System for business administrators, management of database structure, sets of attributes, access rights
Knowledge base
Flexible integration opportunities (full-scale REST API) which allow to publish documents to the Knowledge database and also to access documents from external systems
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