e-Petions System | sX-Space.Petitions is an automated system that enables citizens of a city (village, region, district etc.) to initiate new petitions to self-government bodies and support the existing ones. Based on the solution, Electronic petitions portal to the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has been designed.

The e-Petions System | sX-Space.Petitions provides the necessary efficiency of communication between the executive body and citizens, increases executive discipline and petitions consideration transparency.

Functional features:

Electronic registration of citizens willing to create or sign a petition

Possibility to create a new electronic petition addressed to the local self-government body

Inform citizens about the electronic petitions initiation procedure, in compliance with requirements of a specific local self-government body

Publication of created petitions and ensuring the possibility to collec signatures; fixing the time of signing, taking into account the procedure established for a particular local self-government body (deadline for collecting and the number of signatures)

Possibility to search e-petitions

Transfer of petitions that have collected the required number of signatures to the relevant local authority with information on the date of the beginning of the signatures collection, the total number and list of citizens that signed the e-petition

Transfer of electronic petitions that failed to collect the required number of signatures to the local self-government body for consideration as an electronic appeal

Publication of information on the electronic petition consideration result by the local self-government body

Publication on the official website of information about the petition, which gained the required number of votes by the due date


Wide solution adjustment options, possibility to connect new united local communities
Broad integration opportunities: external users databases, social networks, directory service Active Directory
Use of modern citizens’ identification technologies: Bank ID, qualified electronic digital signature
Creation of System usage reports with the help of Google Analytics
Adaptive design
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