Participatory budget | sX-Space.Budget is an electronic system of interaction between city councils or other local government bodies and the public. It is aimed at attracting residents to participate in the budget process by making decisions on the distribution of parts of the local budget funds. This can be done via the submission of relevant project proposals and holding public open voting. The system is intended to automate the process of conducting public budget contests, as well as to ensure the openness and transparency of executive bodies when distributing the local budget.

If you want to increase the citizens’ interest level in the improvement of the community and plan to create an efficient and transparent mechanism for interaction with the enhancement of living conditions, the a Participatory budget | sX-Space.Budget system is what your city needs.

Functional features:

Flexible setting of voting rules for each community

Creation and submission of a new project to the local self-government body connected to the system, including the possibility of projects search

Grading projects by type and size (large or small)

Ability to limit voting to members of the community

System scaling according to the community structure: village, city, district, united territorial community, region

Transparent reflection of the voting process

Publication of created projects, collection of signatures with fixation of the time of signing in accordance with the procedure established for a specific local self-government body

Voting results and information about the project are published on the official website of the community

Voting through banking terminals

Possibility to import paper voting results

Integration with other systems of the local self-government body

Formation of analytical reports


Development opportunities, connection of new self-government bodies
Achievement of maximum convenience for citizens, saving budget funds. The system ensures transparency of processes, promotes increased trust and efficiency of the work of local self-government bodies in reviewing projects and conducting competitions
Use of modern users’ identification technologies: Bank ID, Mobile ID or electronic digital signature
Adaptive design
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